Give A Little Bit

by Supertramp



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About the Song

Some time ago I began to desire to play benefit concerts. An opportunity presented itself in Fall, 2009, but it was outdoors and got rained out at the last minute.  But I had prepared this song. I figured, "since this is a charity event, I should probably have a song about giving"! 

About The Music

This is the only piece in my live repertoire that features my twelve-string: A 1995 Taylor 555 that was given to me by friends and family when I (finally) graduated college in 1996.  Because of the story behind it, the guitar is special to me, and I wanted some kind of excuse to play it live.  The song presents a challenge at the end where I hold an "A-440", in full voice, for no less than ten seconds (the video shows me catching my breath after the note and trying not to faint).

Besides that, the music has a surprise about a third of the way through it, and I won't spoil it until everyone has had a chance to hear/see it first. Then I hope to write more later.

Finally, big thanks to Mike Kerby & Associates for video recording and editing.


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published 14-May-2011