Seeking Rivendell - Live

©Will Spicher 2008, 2011

Baggins Day, 2011


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About the Song

This is a live presentation of one of my favorite offerings from the WillSongs++ collection.  For more info, see the song page for the studio version

This version is published in celebration of Baggins Day (September 22).  In Lord of the Rings, September 22 is both Frodo's and Bilbo's birthday.  In the Shire calendar, September 22 always occurs on Thursday. Since it lands on a Thursday this year in our calendar, that calls for a party of special magnificence!

About The Music

The live version contains mistakes that cannot be edited out along with the other distractions of playing (and mixing) live. Yet, In some ways, I begin to prefer this version as I achieved subtle nuances in my playing that eluded me in the studio version.

This release concludes the series of videos recorded at the Not For Sale benefit concert on 12-Mar-2011. As you must have guessed, I have had a little fun toying with the applause audio at the end of each song. Of course, the actual audience was very appreciative, and I am really thankful for everything about that evening. I wore the orange shirt in acknowledgement of the color's use as a symbol for the anti-slavery movement. Otherwise, I am told it clashes with my hair. I guess I am a permanent anti-slavery (or pro-freedom) mascot of sorts!


P.S. Big thanks to Mike Kerby & Associates for video recording and editing.

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published 22-Sep-2011