The Reunion

by Phil Keaggy from the album, The Wind and the Wheat (1987)



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About the Song

This another one of my "Oregon Nostalgia" songs, also by Phil Keaggy, and from the same album as The Wind & The Wheat. More than any other, it is the typical song I reach for on a quiet night by the fire place.

About The Music

This song has an interesting history for me. I spent years listening to it (the first four while living in Oregon) and not having the foggiest notion how to approach playing it (had I known the two E strings are tuned down to D, I might have made a start). At one point, I had a dream I was listening to myself play it.  Years later, when I got serious about the guitar, I found Phil's sheet music and began to decode it.  It uses a lot of challenging techniques: right-hand tapping, harmonic hammering, and the JamMan looper.

I struggled with this performance: I was in the middle of tracking the bass for a soon-to-be-released song, so my right-hand fingernails were cut short; I could not fit my stubby fingers between the strings to pluck them, and, when I did, I had nothing but calloused skin to pluck them with.


P.S. Big thanks to Mike Kerby & Associates for video recording and editing.

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published 25-Jul-2011