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It has been nearly six years since I published my last song, Beyond The Horizon. While I was making that song, I was haunted by a premonition that it would be the last song I ever publisheda premonition so strong it inspired me to embed references to previous songs within the lyrics.  And it proved foresighted as I found myself unable to complete projects after that...until now.

Therefore, I think it is time to close WillSongs++ and acknowledge that a new chapter has opened upon my life and music. 

As with WillSongs++, this is not just a collection of songs but of song pages.  That is, the work of art being published is more than the music.  Each song page has a "play" button, embedded video, or YouTube link at the top for that song so you can listen to it while browsing the song's web page.

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updated 05-May-2017