Friday, September 3, 2010 (6PM)
+   First concept came as I mounted the treadmill.

                                            Sunday, October 3, 2010 (11:57 AM)
+   Time to get rolling on this song. Still need to compose and write lyrics,
    but begin prototyping in Sonar as an aid.
    *   See SD3_scratch_a.png. Just for kicks, I decided to try Session
        Drummer 3 with its Led Zeppelin kick. I didn't like any of the 
        patterns I tried, so I sketched out a basic beat in the step
        sequencer to serve as a metronome. This will guide my timing and help
        influence feel as I record the initial scratch tracks. But I am not
        sure I like SD3--even with this awesome kit--enough to use it in
        place of Battery 3 yet. 
        -   Interesting note: After I first created the instrument, I found
            I could not see meaningful note names in the roll window or
            step sequencer. However, after I drag-dropped a MIDI pattern 
            onto the track, all these suddenly appeared, without which the
            instrument would be useless. 
                                        Monday, November 29, 2010 (07:02 PM)
    *   I might not use an acoustic at all. Recorded some ideas on the 
    *   I just made a really crude scratch of the solo: eBow plus brass slide
        plus volume swell over the bridge. I am really starting to dig this
                                        Saturday, December 11, 2010 (08:49 AM)
    *   Gain mastery over this drum kit.
        -   See session_drummer_a.png. Use a drum map (have to split channel
            into a MIDI track and a synth track to use a map) to get the notes
            on my keyboard to match those of the synth. Fortunately, most 
            already do. Each "channel" in the mixer actually processes four
            notes (like cells), so it is really a 12x4 = 48-channel drum
            synth. Correction: One channel holds five notes, so I don't know
            what the limit is.
        -   Copy the midi track to a new track, and bounce the sequence into
            a midi clip. I can now edit the way I like with all the note
            names (see session_drummer_b.png).
        -   Oops, need some kind of intro. Insert some measures, play some
            chords, put a little slide guitar on top.
            >   Stick to the policy: scratch tracks ALWAYS get the first
                instinct--no rewrites before laying them down.
            >   Here is how I feel when I get really going on a song:
                BTW, the way to link to a time stamp in a video is to
                add "#t=5m50s" to the video URL, where "5m50s" represents
                "5 minutes, 50 seconds." Some browsers do not like the
                "s" on the end. 
                                        Monday, December 13, 2010 (07:28 PM)
        -   Back in the groove. Twist those knobs! Pull some levers! 
            Fantastic drum-programming session! I LOVE these drums! And,
            wow, do they make the song MOVE! Woo-hoo!
                                    Wednesday, December 15, 2010 (07:16 PM)
        -   See scratch_drum_track_a.png. Got a scratch drum track.
            It seems I am ALWAYS doing this stuff in the midst of torment!
            Well, this is the perfect song to be working on if that's the case!

                                        Thursday, December 16, 2010 (07:17 PM)
    *   Got a scratch bass track with some great ideas.
        -   render friday_night_scratch_a.mp3.
            Submit to Mike for video brainstorming.

                                        Monday, December 20, 2010 (09:52 AM)
+   Tracking!
    *   Bass.
        -   Video. I need a personality: Dr William. Feeling inspired.
            Ah-ha! Stage lights, suit, hat, sunglasses! GOING FOR IT!
            Blasting Quadrophenia.
            >   Oops, the web cam and Sonar are too much for the poor PC
                to handle. I will just have to get the webcam shots separately,
                but I can run the camera during tracking. 
        -   Got a couple takes with the boys' help. 
            See dr_william_n_boys_a.jpg.
                                        Wednesday, December 22, 2010 (10:35 AM)
        -   I believe the second take stands by itself--no editing needed.
            Wouldn't be nice if all the instruments went like that!?

    *   rhythm electric.
        -   My concept for arrangement has evolved a bit:
            >   drums
            >   bass
            >   acoustic (pan right)
            >   rhythm electric (pan left)
            >   lead electric (pan semi-right)
            >   slide electric (pan semi-left)
            >   vocal
            >   tambourine
        -   Throw down a quick scratch of the rhythm electric so I can 
            coordinate the lead electric. 
            >   Really liking the emerging lead part. The challenge is to
                dial it back for the rhythm part to leave room for the lead.
                                        Thursday, December 23, 2010 (03:19 PM)
            >   Quick vocal scratch with the right lyrics and closer to the
                target feel. 
                :   Did the scream in v3.....YEAH!  I GOT MY B-NATURAL!!!
                    A first time ever for WillSongs!
            >   More work on lead; focus on v3 solo.
                                            Friday, December 24, 2010 (09:29 PM)
                :   Lead needs lots of practice. Total Pete Townshend style!
                    Pete Townshend with the red bandana around his neck:
                                            Sunday, December 26, 2010 (12:22 PM)
        -   I may just accept the scratch track as is. The rhythm electric
            will not be in the video, and it is so far back in the mix, there
            is little to do. It really just serves to define the chord structure
            when the other instruments don't get the job done. 

    *   lead electric. 
        -   I feel hesitant, but something else says the time is NOW! 
        -   Get in character. Position camera and lighting. 
        -   Go for it.
            >   Got three full takes with video. Check. Looks good.
        -   Comp. Easy. Just a couple splices from takes 1 and 2 into
            take 3. 

    *   Tambourine.
        -   Jessie will visit tomorrow. Get as much preparatory work done
            as I can.
            >   Pick a mic. Back to back test between AKG C414B (XLII) and
                Shure SM81. Definitely the C414B: richer, fuller, brighter
                sound. Probably the wider pickup (omni is best sound). Yep,
                after adding compression and reverb and panning, the C414B
                is the undisputed winner.
            >   Get headphones and monitor mix set up. 
            >   She is ready to go! 
                                            Monday, December 27, 2010 (09:59 AM)
            >   Just spent an hour getting Jessie familiarized with the song.
                She is a jewel of a find. I had better return the favor
                quickly and abundantly! I rendered friday_night_scratch_b.mp3
                and sent it to her to practice with. She is set to return

    *   Slide guitar
        -   I think I can get a great sound out of the RG1570. Set switch
            to include the neck and middle pickups, and aim the eBow 
            at frets 22-24. Same RP20 patch as the DC400M ("BC Tube FCB00"
            with high drive). 
        -   Video. 
            >   This part is supposed to be spooky and sinister. Use the
                blue and red lamps at ends of the T. Point the camera looking
                over my right shoulder so it can see the foot pedal as well. 
            >   Costume: exercise with headband and my favorite shirt:
                "Love one woman...many guitars!"
        -   Go for it. I am only getting video on the bridge. Place sonar 
            in loop mode and set record options to overwrite with 
            "create new layer on overlap." That way I can record three takes
            back to back without having to hear the previous takes. Sonar
            simply mutes the previous takes, and I can unmute them afterward.
            See track_slide_bridge_a.png.
            Notice I am echoing the input to hear effects without printing
        -   Rather than comp the takes, I think I will split them into
            separate tracks and use all of them. Yep, I like it.
                                         Tuesday, December 28, 2010 (04:10 PM)
        -   Track the supporting lines.
            >   Can't believe how much trouble I had getting the intro
                right! Using clip gain envelopes to balance.
        -   Rob thinks he hears an organ line. Render
            friday_night_scratch_c.mp3 for him to work with.

    *   Acoustic guitar.
        -   Video. 
            >   This is Mr Bill. Wear all white or off-white with a French
                beret (to represent artistic temperament). Use soft, diffuse
                light (Mike's technique of spreading the bulbs of the 
                medusa lamp) on my left side. Position the camera at my
                lower left.  
        -   Go for it. Three takes. No comping necessary except the last
            note: a chair squeak in the ringout. 
        -   Use the vintage channel with the "press the guitar" preset, 
            but tweak: increase high-pass frequency, reduce 7kHz boost.
            Very nice.

                                    Wednesday, December 29, 2010 (11:28 AM)
    *   Vocal.
        -   The sprint continues. Mike is available today (extra floating 
            camera, and input on lighting and other video aspects).
        -   Video. 
            >   Costume: all black, casual. No hat. This is me.
        -   Mike here. Go for it. Got three takes with two cameras at
            different angles and lighting. I love the AKG C414B XL-II!!!
        -   Comp. Quick V-vocal on the scream. Nice tool!
        -   Render friday_night_scratch_d.mp3 

                                        Thursday, December 30, 2010 (10:54 AM)
    *   Tambourine.
        -   Jessie was here this morning. I think she nailed it on the first
            take, but I recorded three and left the third take intact.
            She is the new human clockinator! 
        -   Do some quick mixing. Faders are way too high. Get them down.
            Much better. Master compressor running at 2-3 db gain reduction.
            Render friday_night_scratch_e.mp3

                                            Sunday, January 2, 2011 (07:17 PM)
+   Mix

    *   Drums.
        -   Ken spent three hours with me yesterday writing some of the fills.
            He definitely has a more discerning ear for this stuff, and he
            elevated the way I approach it.

                                        Wednesday, January 5, 2011 (02:46 PM)
    *   Vocal delays. I tried to use one stereo delay and use an envelope
        to change the delay time. But Sonar kept crashing. I went to the
        Sonitus delay on two separate buses.

    *   I think I about have a mix.
        -   Freeze drums.
        -   Check in Truth system, DX4's, and HD280's.
        -   Screen Capture
        -   Render
                friday_night_mix_a.wav          16-bit WAV
                friday_night_mix_a.mp3          192 kbps MP3
                friday_night_mix_a_128.mp3      128 kbps MP3
                                                    Total production hours: 56

                                        Saturday, January 8, 2011 (07:25 PM)
    *   Tweak: Mix B.
        -   tambourine out for v4. Boost in v5.
        -   Reduce bass peak EQ at 130 Hz from 6db to 3db. Gets overpowering
            in the car.
        -   Boost descending dyads in bridge +1.0 db. Surprising what a 
            difference 1db makes in a mix! 
        -   boost electric lead for lick in v1. Need to make room for it by
            fading the slide guitar out in time. 
        -   Boost slide electric A (the one on the fundamental) +3db 
            during the loud portion of the bridge.
        -   Screen Capture
        -   Render
                friday_night_mix_b.wav              16-bit WAV
                friday_night_mix_b.mp3              192 kbps MP3
                friday_night_mix_b_128.mp3          128 kbps MP3
                friday_night_mix_b_clickin.mp3      192 kbps MP3
            The last one includes the click-in for lining up video.
        -   Also, create shots.xls containing shots I would like to see in
            the video, and send to Mike.
                                            Sunday, January 9, 2011 (09:55 AM)
        -   Upload to

                                        Tuesday, January 11, 2011 (07:45 PM)
    *   Tweak some more: Mix C.
        -   Rob suggested:
            :   Bass too high
            :   lead electric too low
            :   vocal too low. perhaps too wet.
                                        Sunday, January 16, 2011 (10:13 AM)
        -   I am having trouble hearing what Rob is talking about, and I do
            not want to fall into the trap of mixing to comments; I have to
            mix to what I hear. However, I noticed some things that correlate.
            :   Scrutinize the lead electric closely. The level is already 
                automated. Bring low passages up 0.5-1.0 db.
            :   Scrutinize vocal. Drop reverb send -1.0db, raise volume 0.5 db.
            :   Boost the "lead electric extra" +5 db (string scrape supplement
                at end note).
        -   Love it! 
        -   Screen Capture
        -   Render
                friday_night_mix_c.wav              16-bit WAV
                friday_night_mix_c.mp3              192 kbps MP3
                friday_night_mix_c_128.mp3          128 kbps MP3
                friday_night_mix_c_clickin.mp3      192 kbps MP3

Total Production Hours: 59.0