Under The Sun

copyright (c) Will Spicher 2005

This is a light-hearted finger-style in drop-D tuning.  I have had the verse in my head for years but finally got serious enough to put a chorus and bridge to it.  Perhaps that is because I needed something in drop-D to serve as a prelude to some other song I do that has a reference to life "under the sun."

I recorded this a little differently than other songs here: I plugged the 414-CE-L3 directly into the mixer mic input with a balanced cable (the "proper" way for Taylor's Expression System).  A lot of very subtle dynamics suddenly shine through that don't make it through Mission Control (the Digitech RP-20).  An example is the way the high E sizzles when I snap it with my ring finger at a high fret (now that I have real finger nails--thank you, Lord!) or the subtle punch when I slap a harmonic.  Someday I hope to be able to run this way live, but I will need other MIDI-programmable effects in the rack--Guitar Center said, "Amen to that."  Unfortunately, the MP3 compression (necessary for web posting) takes a lot of this out again, but the original full-bandwidth version is on the CDs I burn.

under_the_sun.mp3 (2.8Mb)

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updated 18-feb-2006