Mixing Tools for WillSongs++

The idea for mixing on a budget is to listen through lots of different speakers.  It is amazing what can become a glaring problem by simply switching speakers!  Thus, the schematic below shows the WillSongs++ system.  The Delta 1010LT is a $200 sound card that provides 8 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs.  Since the first pair is balanced XLR, the studio is now fully balanced from source to recording.  Here is how the process works:

  1. The M-Audio DX4's are small desktop reference monitors with great reviews, and they fit on my desk. They serve as the primary reference: I mix listening to them, and I double-check all changes through them.
  2. The PC speakers are another check for listeners on PC's.  They have a subwoofer to produce the very low frequencies, but they suffer from a lack of mids.
  3. The SA-155 is a cheap Radio Shack amplifier connected to a couple surround speakers from my old stereo.  This is a check on the mix through a cheap, little system that lacks bass and treble. 
  4. Headphones are the last check before rendering a mix (the computerized version of a mix-down). 
  5. The SA-155 has a tape deck connected. I record the mix on a cassette and play it in my living room and my car.  If it passes these tests, it is ready for publishing.

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updated 26-dec-2006