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WillSongs++ is not just a collection of songs but of song pages.  That is, the work of art being published is more than the music.  Each song page has a "play" button at the top for that song so you can listen to it while browsing the song's web page.

The WillSongs Player

The WillSongs player is a playlist containing those songs I felt were worth including. I shuffle them around occasionally.

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Computer geeks know that, when the C programming language was expanded to an object-oriented language, the new language was given the name C++.  It was a reference to the syntax for incrementing a variable; that is, "i++" means "i=i+1" (fellow geeks will recall that I wrote WinSound in C++).  Thus, pronounced, "WillSongs Plus Plus," WillSongs++ refers to an across-the-board enhancement to the music enabled by the phenomenal increase in technology available to the basement musician accompanied by a decrease in prices.

The end result is better music through full arrangements and higher fidelity.  Thus, the music in WillSongs++ consists of larger files due to the higher resolution and sample rate (i.e., 44.1 kHz, 160 Mbps). 

It should be noted that the purpose of WillSongs++ is not to publish demos.  After I created Cheering You On, I found myself listening to it often.  Eventually a great epiphany dawned on me: I can now create music that I enjoy listening to in my basement...perhaps I should do it more often!  So WillSongs++ has a simple purpose (publish music I enjoy listening to) born out of a simple prerequisite (I need to enjoy listening to it) and a simple conviction (the world doesn't have enough music that I enjoy listening to).  When I was in college, I was told to ask questions--even if they seemed stupid--on the reasoning that there were certainly more people with the same question (though they may be too timid to say anything).  So I am expanding that reasoning: there must be more people in the world who like the same music I like.  This is my gift to them.

By the way, if you need a CD, just ask (I think everything I have recorded will still fit on one CD).  They are free--unless I am deluged with too much demand.  Then I will have to charge some nominal fee.  Until then, they are free.

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updated 25-Apr-2010
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