WillSongs Unplugged...Well, Almost

Welcome to WillSongs Unplugged.  Throughout the Winter and Spring of 2005, Bill Lee (Pastor at Peoria City Church and Peoria Outreach Center) must have asked me (Will) three times to come do a concert.  I felt unprepared, and it never seemed like a convenient time, so I continued to tell him I would pray about it.  And those rare times I did, I sensed I was supposed to do the concert.  About the third time, I could not put him (and my conscience) off any longer, and I knew there would never be a "convenient time," so I called him up and said, "Put me on the calendar." 

At that point I knew the pressure was on; I had barely given myself a month to prepare.  I decided to do a "coffee-house-style" concert featuring just me on the 6-string guitar (the 414) and a microphone.  But I felt that just a guitar and voice (my voice, that is) needed something else to create interest and hold the attention of an audience long enough for a concert.  So I took a tip from Phil Keaggy and searched eBay for a Lexicon JamMan...then I had to learn how to use it!  After pouring twenty-five hard hours into preparation, I gave the concert on April 22, 2005.  Then it was over [bummer].  I felt I had worked too hard to put the act away in mothballs, and when other opportunities presented themselves, I purchased the equipment I needed to put the show on anyplace with electricity.  It is a different mode of entertainment--one that highly depends on the visual aspect of being there (to watch me trip over my no-less-then-twenty-five foot switches and three pedals or to see the expression on my face when I break a string).

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