Mission Control

This is the Digitech RP20, once dubbed "Mission Control" by a fellow guitar player. 

A few years ago I was playing the 555 on a worship team when we lost our keyboard player and piano player leaving bass, drums, and little-old-me to carry the harmonic structure of the music.  I felt musically "naked" and needed something to bring life--a.k.a., flexibility--to my sound.  The RP20 allowed me to program all the sounds I wanted to use at home.  Then, during practice or service, I just had to step on the proper switch to get the sound I wanted.  It has every effect imaginable to a guitar player--including a real preamp tube--but perhaps the most important at the time were compression, EQ, tap delay, chorus, reverb, and the pedal which I assigned to the volume so that I could switch from loud strumming to soft picking.  But because of its immense processing power, I use it for all my entire Guitarsenal--even the bass.  

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updated 9-mar-2006