Friday Night

©Will Spicher 2011

January 24, 2011



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on Friday night
the music stops
my world goes dark
on Friday night
my blood will freeze
my throat go tight
my tears increase
on Friday night

many trials I have resisted
my strength was tested
but I'm too invested
and I'm not man enough for this

on Friday night
on Friday night

can this be my path to freedom
tormented seasons
without reasons
and I can't seem to let it go

on Friday night
my pain won't cease
there is no peace
on Friday night
my strength goes dry
I shrink with fright
I'll surely die
on Friday night

About the Song

I talk too much about my music.  Instead, this time I would like to hear from The WillSongs Listeners about what you think and what it means to you.  Email me at  I may post Q&A here later if anything looks interesting enough.

However, I will say one thing: This song is, lyrically, a bit dark....okay, it's REALLY dark.  The next one is in the oven and provides a bit of a sequel—for lack of a better word—that will hopefully bring some redemptive value. Sometimes getting from Point A to Point B takes time. Those who relate to the song will understand.

About the Music

I decided to try a new technique on this song: eBow in the right hand, slide in the left hand, and foot on the volume pedal:


This occurred to me when I wanted something eerie and sad.  The technique is too obvious to not be in use elsewhere, but I enjoy thinking of it as an innovation. It appears in the song's bridge at 1:34.

For the lead electric part, I wanted to emulate one of my guitarist-songwriter heroes.  In fact, the final note of the song is a tribute to one of my all-time favorite songs; it will be interesting to see if anyone can identify the song and artist.  Caveat: those who caught my histrionics on Facebook in early December, 2010, are disqualified!

Big thanks to Jessamyn Luong for playing the tambourine. The sample library just wasn't going to cut it, and I can't keep time with a tambourine to save my life!  You nailed it in the first take, but I had to get three takes because I just refuse to track an instrument in just ten minutes--it doesn't seem right!

Big thanks to Ken Broy for his tips on programming the drums!  Ken, your fills were awesome—especially in the second chorus.  Thanks for hanging in there with me.  How many times did you have to say, "just try it"?  You elevated my thinking about drum arranging.

About the Video

As I gain experience with video, I am beginning to experiment more. That means each project is becoming more work! This time I decided to record video for all tracks.  In a lapse of sanity, I also decided I could give each one a "costume" to reflect the side of my personality that gravitates to that instrument: Bass, Acoustic, Lead Electric, Slide Electric, and vocal.  And, no, the bassist is not à la Blues Brothers!  I was aiming for the agents on The Matrix.  Oh well, record and learn. 

Big thanks to Mike Kerby & Associates for assembling and editing the 8Gb of video and producing the final cut--especially through three iterations containing thirty change requests from a perfectionist producer!  At least you won most of the debates you engaged in. Great job.

Thanks for listening and watching.

Production Notes

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published 24-Jan-2011