Welcome the Taylor T5 to the WillSongs Guitarsenal

March 24, 2007:  Yesterday I did it again: I bought a guitar--a Taylor T5.  I have been searching for a number of enhancements:

I am pleasantly surprised to find all this in one guitar.  Throw the switch toward the headstock, and I have a very authentic acoustic tone (due to the accelerometer mounted to the soundboard wired in parallel with the under-fretboard humbucking pickup).  Throw it to the other side, and I have a dual-humbucking electric ready for super-saturated overdrive.  Three other positions give me everything in between and then some.  This means I can lay down an acoustic loop as usual, hit a couple switches, and launch any solo I want. 

The RG1570 is played with a subtle, gentle touch; but when I hit it hard, it says "ouch"...The T5 growls back!  As of today, I have one song in the oven that needs keyboards and vocals, then I get to move on to a song that seems to have been written for the T5--once I tame it! Stay tuned.

By the way, I traded in the Cort Artisan 6-String bass. To borrow words from the Beatles, "She's so...heavy!"  And it just wasn't really me.

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updated 24-mar-2007